UX Design Manager

Bed Bath & Beyond

April 2021–Present

I currently lead product strategy and manage UX & CX initiatives for our pre-purchase and purchase tribes in an agile environment. (Browse, search, PLP, PDP, CMS, navigation, cart, checkout) I manage the experience for multiple brands including Bed Bath & Beyond, buybuy BABY & Harmon Face Values.


In a little less than a year, I have impacted my team by contributing to process, growing our team, providing guidance and leading strategy for our initiatives.


Team Efficiency

Upon joining I focused on many heavy hitters off the bat- documentation process, shared file repository, review cycles & approval process. Next up is tackling the design systems for all 3 brands.


Planning & Resourcing

When I joined, designers were overloaded with unrealistic deadlines and too much work, which resulted in burnout and sacrificing quality of work. I established process for my tribes including bi-weekly sprint planning and regularly sync with my tribe directors on upcoming initiatives to better plan workload.


Fostering Collaboration

One of the biggest challenges I have been tackling is working on enhancing collaboration across the design team as well as product team. Often times, solutions are thought of in a silo instead of end-to-end journeys which has been a large focus of mine.


Employee Development

In addition to yearly reviews and weekly 1:1s, I actively work on career pathing to keep our team members engaged and continuously growing. Actively working on adding additional IC levels and outlining corresponding criteria for each level.


Class partnerships & Recruiting

I recently formed our first class partnership at a college with over 50 students across undergrad and masters programs in UI/UX. The goal is to build awareness of our UX department to eventually recruit interns and full time hires in the spring.

Driven results

Here are a few initiatives I have led across purchase and pre-purchase tribes.

Cross Banner Shopping

2021 2 designers + 1 researcher
Increase in cross banner engagement

Allowing our customers to checkout across all 3 of our brands at once (Bed bath, buybuy BABY, and Harmon). Improving the browsing experience to promote discoverability of cross banner items.

PDP Redesign

2021 3 designers + 1 researcher
Increase in CVR

Incorporating usability testing, Baymard research, NPS comments, competitive research and A/B testing to create an improved PDP experience for our customers.

Out of Stock enhancements

2021 3 designers + 1 researcher
Results Pending

Inventory issues are one of our top complaints from customers. Making it easier for customers to understand what they can get and when they can get it, as well as reducing dead ends.

L2 L3 browsing strategy

2021 1 designer
Results Pending

Reducing friction in the browse path for our category and sub category pages.

Harmon Launch

2021 3 designers

Migrating the existing Harmon site onto our core platform, updating the taxonomy, rebranding, creating a design system.

buybuy BABY rebrand

2021 2 designers

Refreshing the branding for buybuy BABY including colors and fonts, as well as updating our design system.

Idea boards Enhancements (Coming soon)

2021–2022 2 designers + 1 researcher
Results coming soon!

Improving on our idea boards experience to make it easier to get inspired! Providing more pathways to discover ideas and additional tools for our customers to view, organize, and filter their ideas!

Cart enhancements
(Coming soon)

2021–2022 2 designers + 1 researcher
Results coming soon!

Reducing confusion surrounding our multiple fulfillment methods, and corresponding pricing in cart. Cleaning up overall styling in cart & checkout.