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As one of the founding members of the UX team, over the course of 4 years I led our team for UI/UX initiatives, testing methods, & internal process. 

Total Wine and More Responsive Web Designs for CLP


Throughout the years at Total Wine, I contributed to establishing process, growing our team, and promoting a culture of data driven design: with a heavy focus on research and testing to guide direction and remove personal bias.

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Team Efficiency

I established a unified design system, common tools for the designers to use, documentation process, as well as review cycle cadence.

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Employee Development

In addition to yearly reviews and weekly 1:1s, I was responsible for career pathing to keep our team members engaged and continuously growing.

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Planning & Resourcing

I maintained design roadmaps for my teams in addition to resource allocation, establishing timelines and deliverables. Additionally, as the team expanded, I adjusted the product organization to accommodate growth.

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Team Growth

Over the course of 4 years, our team experienced rapid growth. In that time I recruited top talent team members by establishing partnerships with schools and created a pipeline of fresh talent through our first ever UX internship program!

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Data Driven Design

When I started, most product decisions were based on opinions rather than data or user feedback. Over the course of the first 1-2 years I collaborated across teams to establish a research driven culture: validating hypotheses through using data, research and customer feedback.

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Fostering Collaboration

One large disconnect that we experienced was between the product team and our marketing & content partners. After a little over a year of initiating collaboration with our marketing and content teams- I officially received approval for dedicated headcount for a content focused UX team to bridge the gap.

Driven results

Here are a few initiatives I have led, many of which met or exceeded our target KPIs.

Total Wine and More Responsive Web Designs for CLP


2020–2021 4 designers
Exceeded CVR, GM & sales goals for desktop and mobile

We needed a new CMS. After deciding on a vendor, we needed to choose a POC for the launch of our new module system. I collaborated with leadership and product to select our CLP and DLP as our candidates to launch the new CMS.

Total Wine and More Design System Designs

Rebrand & Design system

2020–2021 3 designers
No significant impact to RPV or CVR

Collaborating with partners in marketing and the development team to launch a rebrand, and create a scalable design system. After pausing the project due to the pandemic, we ditched our dated brown branding for a lighter, more modern look and feel.

Total Wine and More Legends of Wine Responsive Web Designs

Legends of wine launch

2020 Myself + Creative Manager
Exceeded CVR goals

Legends of Wine was our first cross-department campaign that was launched as a digital-first initiative. We were seeking to establish trust in our Winery Direct program (widely represented in-store by our bright yellow tags) by highlighting the winemakers that make unique wines for Total Wine & More.

Total Wine and More Sign In and Create Account Responsive Web Designs

Sign In / Create Account

2018–2020 2 designers
Increased account creation rate, reduction of duplicate accounts

This initiative came from hearing from customers. We wanted to reduce the confusion surrounding our sign in/create/claim experience. The user experience improvements resulted in exceeding our target KPIs, making it easier for our customers to create and claim their accounts.

Total Wine and More Same Day Delivery Responsive Web Designs

Same-Day Delivery launch

2019 2 designers
Exceeded launch sales goals

Our shipping channel was extremely expensive to customers and did not arrive quick enough. We wanted to launch a 3rd fulfillment channel to allow customers to receive their products faster, at lower cost than shipping.

Total Wine and More Add to Cart Responsive Web Designs

Add to cart

2017–2020 1 designer
Increase in ATC rate and UPT

Continuous iteration on the add to cart experience. Optimizing the mobile experience, and over time iterating on the post add to cart experience though usability testing, competitive research, and A/B testing.

Total Wine and More Store Finder Mobile Designs

Store finder & Store details

2019–2020 1 designer

Redesigning the experience for store finder and store details pages.

Total Wine and More Weddings Mobile Designs


2020 2 designers

Re-imagining our wedding experience for couples, guests, and wedding planners.

Total Wine and More Guide Pages Mobile Designs

Guide Pages

2020 1 designer

Creating a new guide page template focusing on storytelling and engaging content.

Total Wine and More Brand Pages Mobile Designs

Brand Pages

2020 1 designer

Creating a flexible brand template focused on scalability and brand content.

Total Wine and More Checkout Mobile Designs

Checkout Redesign

2018–2019 Myself + 1 designer

Improving the user experience to get our customers through checkout faster.

Total Wine and More Cart Mobile Designs

Cart Redesign

2017–2018 Myself + 1 designer

Improving the user experience of our cart to increase our cart-to-checkout rate.

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